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The Scaling Scan Animation

The Scaling Scan

Tired of innovations that don’t perform at scale? Tired of project results fading away once funding stops? Try the Scaling Scan, and you will learn about the importance of context, that multiple innovations need to scale in parallel and how you can contribute

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    Scaling Scan: A simple tool for big impact

    Eleven years ago this week, Apple Inc. released the iPhone. While it was not the first smartphone on the market, industry experts often credit the iPhone’s groundbreaking design with the launch of the mobile revolution. The device, its competitors and the apps that emerged with them have changed how over two billion people interact with the world on a daily basis.

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    Scaling Scan Website Launched

    Do you want to know more information about the idea behind the Scaling Scan website? Click here. 

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    The Scaling Scan is helping GIZ and partners make sense of scaling in their context

    CIMMYT is supporting the GIZ Green Innovation Centers on all agricultural mechanization related work, this includes technical support but also support on scaling, using the Scaling Scan…

  • New course

    Scaling Scan Trainer Program

    Are you interested in participating?

    Find more information here and sign up for our waiting list.

  • 3rd Edition of the Scaling Scan: Highlighting its systems, social and environmental responsibility checks

    Now publshed! 3rd edition of the Scaling Scan now available. It was developed to better integrate key considerations for social inclusion (to “leave no one behind”) and for environmental protection (to “do no harm”), and to provide better guidance on using the outputs to develop a scaling strategy, as compared to the previous editions.

  • Webinar: About the development of the Digital Tool and the 3rd Edition of the Scaling Scan

    Are you interested in knowing how the 3rd edition of the Scaling Scan tool was made? Would you like to know which are the digital Scaling Scan tools available? This webinar officially launched the Digital tools of the Scaling Scan. Click here for more information.

  • Welcome to Katharina! Our Scaling Scan new team member

    We have a new member in our Scaling Scan team.

    Since 2024, Katharina J.F. Schiller has been a GIZ/CIM integrated expert at CIMMYT on scaling up sustainable agricultural innovations, sustainable transitions in agrifood systems and agroecological transitions.

    Before joining CIMMYT, Katharina was a senior researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research (ISI). Her doctorate, obtained at Wageningen University (Netherlands), focused on the agro-ecological transition in Nicaragua from the point of view of socio-technical transitions in sustainability. She is a board member of the Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN). Katharina has also worked at the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), in Nicaragua and Vietnam.

  • New publication: “Supporting a Systems Approach to Scaling for All; Insights from Using the Scaling Scan Tool”

    Are you interested in learning about the results of the Scaling Scan in more than 40 innovations around the world?

    Our recent publication assesses the opportunities and challenges of using the Scaling Scan tool as a systems thinking tool to address agri-food systems transformation.


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